How To Fix A Broken Drain Pipe Underground?

One popular technique used by professional plumbers for repairing a broken underground pipe is trenchless pipe repair.

This technique involves locating the access point of the pipe and inserting a resin or acrylic patching material and maneuvering it into the place where the crack or damage is located.

How do I find a broken drain pipe underground?

Start by Locating the Broken Pipe

You will need to start by digging a hole into the ground to find the area where the drain pipe is broken. If you’re unsure where this is, it’s helpful to look for any outward signs of damage, such as wet patches, extra green grass, and sinkholes.

How do you fix a broken drain pipe in the wall?

How to Fix a Broken Pipe Inside a Wall

  • Cut out sections of the damaged drywall with a saw.
  • Wrap a sheet around the pipe and move around until it gets wet.
  • Place a container under the broken pipe.
  • Cut the pipe below the leak.
  • Dry the pipe.
  • Cut above the leak with a pipe cutter again.
  • Clean the pipe.
  • Mount a copper repair sleeve.

How do you fix a broken sewer pipe?

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