How To Fix A Broken Hard Drive?

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How can I repair a damaged hard drive?

Follow these steps to repair corrupt hard disk without formatting, and get back the data.

  • Step 1: Run Antivirus Scan. Connect the hard drive to a Windows PC and use a reliable antivirus/malware tool to scan the drive or the system.
  • Step 2: Run CHKDSK Scan.
  • Step 3: Run SFC Scan.
  • Step 4: Use a Data Recovery Tool.

1 Feb 2019

How much does it cost to repair a hard drive?

If all you want is a functioning drive, then it should cost no more than $200. The hard drive mechanism inside the external enclosure could be replaced for less than a #100 and a complete replacement for the entire unit is around $150.

What can you do with a broken hard drive?



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