How To Fix A Car Struck By Lightning?

What do you do if your car is struck by lightning?

Don’t touch the radio or any of the electronics in the car.

Wait for the storm to pass.

If your car gets struck by a lightning, inspect the damage visually, without touching anything if possible.

Once the electrical current has passed through the vehicle and entered the ground, it should be safe to exit your car.

Can lightning damage car electronics?

Lightning can induce indirect effects to a vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems. These low-voltage components may be damaged or destroyed.

What happens when a lightning hits a car?

When a car is struck by lightning, some of the current can flow through the vehicle’s electrical systems and metal things attached to the car such as radios, cell phone chargers, GPS units as well as car door handles, foot pedals, the steering column and the steering wheel.

Can you get electrocuted in a car?

Any metal parts of your car, including the ignition, can conduct electricity, so you could get electrocuted by turning on the ignition, according to utility officials.