How To Fix A Patchy Beard?

Can patchy beard be fixed?

The first step to filling in a patchy beard is to let your hair grow while resisting the urge to trim.

After a month, trim your cheek and jaw line to keep things tidy, and continue letting your hair grow – the longer your beard, the more likely the patches will get lost underneath the rest of your beard bush.

Why do I have a patchy beard?

Patchy Beard Causes

Some fungal infections have been linked to causing hair loss in the beard region as well as dental issues and autoimmune conditions. If a patchy beard is something that you have always had, it is probably no cause for concern and simply your genetics.

How do I stop my beard from being patchy?

How to Deal With a Patchy Beard

  • Let it grow – don’t shave your beard in the early stages as this will stunt growth.
  • Treat your beard with products.
  • Diet is everything if you want a healthy, patch-free beard.
  • Vitamins and nutrients should be a daily part of your diet.
  • Avoid stressful situations and incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

What are some home remedies for patchy beard?

Keep the hair nourished: To enhance healthy and evenly distributed beard hair, men with patchy beards should apply lavender oil mixed with jojoba oil daily. After washing your face, apply this mixture on the beard region and brush the hair with a soft brush. This leads to successful patchy beard fix.