How To Fix One Leg Shorter Than The Other?

Can leg length discrepancy be corrected?

Treatment for a discrepancy depends upon the severity.

In many cases, a minor difference in leg length can be evened out by wearing a lift in one shoe.

A child with a more significant difference, however, may benefit from surgery to make his or her legs the same length.

What happens when one leg is shorter than the other?

Causes. Leg length discrepancies can be caused by poor alignment of the pelvis or simply because one leg is structurally longer than the other. Regardless of the reason, your body wants to be symmetrical and will do its best to compensate for the length difference.

What is it called when you have one leg shorter than the other?

If your child has one leg that’s shorter than the other, he or she has a condition called leg length discrepancy. The greater the difference in leg length, the more a child must alter his or her normal posture and walking pattern.

How do you correct functional leg length discrepancy?

Treatment for Functional Leg Length Discrepancy

The most common treatment for leg length discrepancy is to put a lift in the shoe of the shorter leg. The lift theoretically evens out the length of the legs, relieving the uneven stress being put on the joints, bones, and soft tissues.