How To Fix Water Drainage Problems In Yard?

How do I fix a drainage problem in my yard?

Extend downspouts in PVC or corrugated drain tiles beyond planting beds and below grade toward a low area of the yard to minimize erosion. Make sure that any roof water drains away from your foundation. Check gutters and downspouts as often as possible to keep them clean and clear from debris.

How do you fix drainage problems in a house?



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How do you fix a soggy lawn?

The following are 5 solutions for soggy lawns:

  • Installing a French Drain. For many drainage problems, a French drain provides a successful and undetectable solution.
  • Regrading. A soggy lawn is most often a symptom of poor grading.
  • Burying Downspouts.
  • Digging a Dry Well or Catch Basin.
  • Installing a Dry Creek Bed.