How To Fix A Comma Splice?

What is a comma splice?

A comma splice is a common grammatical error in English. A comma splice is when two independent clauses are incorrectly joined by a comma to make one sentence. To avoid comma splices, you first need to be able to identify an independent clause.

How do you find a comma splice?

Find the comma splice.

In both independent clauses, it is “I.” Then, identify the verbs. In the first sentence it is “went” and in the second, “had to buy.” Now you can clearly see where the comma shouldn’t be; in between the two subjects!6 Feb 2020

Why is a comma splice wrong?

Comma splices are bad because commas are not strong enough to hold two independent clauses together, which results in a run-on sentence.

Are comma splices acceptable?

Note, however, that commas are acceptable in idiomatic constructions when the second part of the sentence completes the sense of the first and in a series of three or more items: Comma splices are also acceptable in fiction.28 Mar 2017