How To Fix A Lisp?

Can a lisp be corrected?

Our articulation therapy for adults treats lisps or other concerns around pronunciation. If speech therapy for your lisp didn’t work in the past, fret not; we can help you resolve your frontal or lateral lisp during adulthood. A lisp can be readily corrected at any age and in as quickly as three months.

Can you correct a lisp in adults?

Palatal lisp occurs when the middle of the tongue touches the roof of the mouth during the production of the /s/ sound. Lisps are common and can be corrected through speech therapy. It is important to treat the patient early, however, adults can also benefit from therapy if they have a lisp.21 Aug 2019

What is the cause of a lisp?

Most lisps are caused by wrong tongue placements in the mouth, which in turn obstructs air flow from the inside of the mouth, causing the distortion of words and syllables. Tongue-ties are also considered a probable cause of lisping.30 Sep 2015

At what age should a lisp be treated?

Interdental lisps are often developmental disorders and usually resolve themselves by the age of 4 1/2. Anytime after 4 1/2 is a good time to seek the advice of a speech therapist. If the therapist feels your child is ready and would benefit from therapy, get started as soon as possible.3 Jun 2007