How To Fix A Toilet Handle That Has No Chain?

To replace the toilet handle arm, open the tank lid and unscrew the plastic nut securing the handle to the tank.

You can usually do this by hand.

If not, use a wrench.

Keep in mind that it’s a reverse thread nut so you have to turn it clockwise to loosen it.23 Aug 2018

How do you fix a toilet that doesn’t have a chain?

To fix it, start with sliding the nut on the handle. Next, hook the other lever end onto the toilet flapper rod. Use your hand to tighten the plastic nut by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.30 Dec 2019

How do you fix a broken toilet handle?

How can I fix a broken flush handle on my toilet?

  • Lift the top off of the toilet tank and unhook the chain that’s attached to the old handle.
  • Loosen the mounting nut that attaches the flush handle to the inside of the tank, and remove the old handle.
  • Screw the new flush handle into place and attach the chain to it.

How do you reattach a toilet chain?



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Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs : How to Replace the Chain in a Toilet


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What does the toilet handle connect to?

You’ll see that the handle is attached to a long arm inside the tank, and that the arm is linked to a chain that lifts the flush valve. Note which hole the chain is hooked to (there are usually three or more holes on the arm) and then unhook the clasp that holds the chain to the arm.