How To Fix Blotchy Stain?

How do you fix a blotchy stain?

If the surface is very blotchy, you’ll have to remove the stain by stripping, sanding, or both, and start over.

This time, apply a washcoat of shellac and then the stain.

If the blotching isn’t too severe, try using a glaze to soften the contrast between the deeply colored and lighter areas.

What causes blotchy wood stain?

Botching happens when areas of varying wood density absorb liquid stain differently, resulting in an unevenly stained surface that detracts from the natural beauty of the grain. Some woods, such as oak and walnut, absorb liquid stain evenly.

How do you fix uneven deck stain?

You can try to sand away the blotchy area to remove the stain, but your best bet so you can get rid of all the blotchy area is to use a chemical stripper. Brush it on with a paintbrush, and then follow the manufacturer instructions about the duration is needs to sit on the deck to work.

How do you fix glue after staining?

Try to minimize excess glue in the first place and catch it as soon as it happens so that you can remove it from the wood. Wipe your wood down with denatured alcohol and massage glue spots with a pad before you stain. Avoid fine grit sandpaper to remove spots. Try some spray toners to blend away the spots if needed.