How To Fix Broken Glasses Hinge?

Can eyeglass hinges be repaired?

Hinges on prescription eyeglasses can be a tough fix.

They are usually integrated right into the frame.

If your glasses break at the hinge, you are left with few options: Replace the entire set of glasses at a optometrist, Or replace the hinge with a functional substitute.

How much does it cost to fix glasses hinge?

Usual cost: $35 to $45

The most common repairs on plastic eyeglass and sunglass frames are broken bridges and broken hinges on the front frame of the eyewear, or side arms also know as the temples. Most glasses have metal hinges that are fused in and can be extracted and replaced with a brand new one.

How do you fix broken arm glasses?



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What are the parts of eyeglasses?

Here are the nine main parts of eyeglasses:

  • Rims. The rims lend form and character to your eyeglasses—they also provide function by holding the lenses in place.
  • End pieces.
  • Bridge.
  • Hinges.
  • Lenses.
  • Screws.
  • Nose pads.
  • Pad arms.

What are spring hinges on glasses?

Spring hinge glasses frames allow the temple part of the frame to move back and forth. It adds comfort and will protect your glasses from breaking. These hinges are equipped with a small spring that affords the arms a greater range of movement and does not limit them to the traditional, 90 degree angle.

How much does it cost to get your glasses repaired?

Average cost and duration for eyewear repairs

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Common Repairs Average Cost Average time frame
Welding Titanium Eyewear Frames $45 to $55 24 to 48 hours
Adjustments and Overhauls $10 to $39 24 to 48 hours
Broken Screws on Eyewear Frames $12 to $29 24 to 48 hours
Rivets and Pushings $16 to $49 24 to 48 hours

3 more rows

Can plastic glasses be repaired?

Fix your plastic eyeglasses with a pin and heat

Another way to repair those broken specs is by using two needles to put the two pieces back together. This option is more discreet than sewing your glasses. The break will be harder to notice. It’s the best choice when you broke your glasses in half.

Can glasses be repaired?

The opticians at Trendy Eyes Optometry are experts at frame repairs and are usually able to repair your glasses if they become damaged. In some cases, however, it may be better to simply replace the lenses, the frames, or the entire pair of glasses.

Can chips in eyeglasses be repaired?

Re: Repairing chipped spectacle lenses

The threads are tiny and delicate enough that you don’t want to be re-tightening them in the first place. As for chips in lenses, it’ll need filling with something of the right refractive index, and then optical grade polishing.

Can I buy new arms for my glasses?

Personally, it is impossible to repair a pair of broken arm in glasses unless you replace it by a new arm. In common, the eyeglasses usually made of metal frame or plastic frame. And you’d better buy a new pair or a new eyeglasses arm. But if the screw lose, you can tighten it.

What comes in an eyeglass repair kit?

Eyeglasses Repair Kit

  1. 3 Screwdrivers and 2 plastic starters.
  2. 9 screws and 2 nose pads.
  3. 4 comfort pads.
  4. 1 lens cloths and 1 magnifier.
  5. storage case.