How To Fix Exodus On Kodi?

Try these fixes

  • Update Exodus.
  • Clear Exodus’ cache & providers.
  • Use a VPN.
  • Adjust Kodi’s video cache settings & clear temp files.
  • Update your graphics card driver.
  • Change your stream time.
  • Change your device’s time & date settings.
  • Install Exodus from a different repository.

How do I fix exodus no stream available?



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How do I fix exodus not working?

Exodus Not Working on Kodi? Clear the Cache

  1. Browse to the Add-ons tab in Kodi.
  2. From there, go to My Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Exodus.
  3. Select the Tools option under Exodus.
  4. Scroll down, then select Clear cache.
  5. Kodi will ask if you’re sure. Once you confirm, Exodus will clear out the cache.

24 Nov 2018

Did exodus get shut down?

The Exodus Kodi addon is 3rd party application on the Kodi platform that allows you to stream TV shows and movies for free. Exodus addons are one of the most popular addons on the Kodi platform. However, the addon was shut down by officials a short while back.

What does no stream available mean on Exodus?

Multi-source Kodi add-ons like Exodus, Seren or Gaia are simply glorified search engines. Kodi addons store no streams and do nothing to update the list of shows or movies. The “No stream available” Kodi error means that your search engine (addon) returned no links matching your query.

Does exodus still work 2019?

Yes, you can install both of these addons in Kodi if you would like. As of this writing, Exodus is still the most popular Kodi addon due to its enormous choice of movies, television shows, kids shows, and documentaries that are available. This tutorial will work for both Kodi 18.6 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton.