How To Fix Google Play Services?

How do I reset Google Play services?

Step 2: Clear cache & data from Google Play Services

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app .
  • Tap Apps & notifications. See all apps.
  • Scroll down and tap Google Play Services.
  • Tap Storage. Clear Cache.
  • Tap Manage Space.
  • Open the Google Play Store .
  • Wait for 5 minutes, then try your download again.

Why is my Google Play services not working?

If clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Store didn’t work then you may need to go into your Google Play Services and clear the data and cache there. Doing this is easy. You need to go into your Settings and hit Application manager or Apps. From there, find the Google Play Services app (the puzzle piece).23 Sep 2019

Why does my phone keep saying Google Play services keeps stopping?

Hence, the Google Play services has stopped error message is one that you can’t simply ignore. Clear the Google Play services app cache. Disable Google Play services. Uninstall and reinstall Google Play services updates.28 Dec 2017

What do you do when Google Play services is not supported?

Re: Google Play services not supported by my device? Go To Settings> Security > Device Administators> Disable Android Device manager. Now Go to Apps and Disable Google Play Services and Clear Its data, Clear Data of Play Store too. Reboot device andd Enable Google Play Services.4 Feb 2017

What happens if I uninstall Google Play services?

Uninstalling Google Play Services will cause all sorts of force closes and glitches on your other Google apps, as it is the core of the GMS (Google Mobile Services) on your device. However, believe it or not, your smartphone can run completely independent of the GMS and run normal.

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Why can’t I uninstall Google Play services?

Remove updates to the app (Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services > three dots menu > Uninstall updates). You might need to head to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and disable Android Device Manager first.

How do I reinstall Google Play services on my Android?

Install Google Play Services: the technical way

  1. Go to Settings and then Apps. Find the app, which you will be installing from – usually your mobile browser or a file explorer. Tap on it.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Advanced section. There you should find Install unknown apps. Tap on it and tick Allow from this source.

Can I uninstall and reinstall Google Play services?

Just, Tap on DEACTIVATE. Now, Go to Settings > Apps and find the Google Play Services. Tap on, Play Services and the tap on Uninstall Updates. Your phone will automatically install the latest google play services with an update.

What is the latest version of Google Play services?

Older Versions of Google Play Services:

  • 16.0.89 (000300-239467275) for Android 4.1 45.3 MB.
  • 15.1.78 (000300-235076232) for Android 4.1 44.8 MB.
  • 15.0.90 (000300-231259764) for Android 4.1 44.8 MB.
  • 12.6.87 (000300-197331306) for Android 4.0 42.8 MB.
  • 11.7.46 (030-175121617) for Android 4.0 34.2 MB.

How do I fix Google Play Services has stopped on my Android?

Unfortunately Google Play Service Has Stopped? Here’s How to Fix It

  1. Restart Your Device.
  2. Update the Play Store and Google Services.
  3. Change From Cellular Data to Wi-Fi (or Vice-Versa)
  4. Change the Time and Date.
  5. Clear Google Play Services Data (and Cache)
  6. Revert to an Older Version of Google Play Store.
  7. Remove Your Google Account.
  8. Install a Third-Party Copy of the Play Store.
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How do you fix Google Play Services has stopped?



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What to do if Google Play keeps stopping?

Check your Google apps. If the Play Store is frozen or glitching, force close it by swiping it away or going to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps select the Google Play Store and hit Force stop. Then, you’ll want to make sure that Google Play itself is up to date and clean.