How To Fix Open Bite Naturally?

Can an open bite correct itself?

When the sucking habit stops, the anterior open bite will correct itself spontaneously, due to increased growth of the alveolar processes, provided that the patient is still growing.

Also in pacifier-suckers, the open bite will correct itself spontaneously when the habit stops despite the tongue-thrust.

Can you fix an open bite without braces?

Open bites can be corrected with braces or clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign. Treatment usually involves moving the front teeth down, the back teeth up, or a combination of the two. In some cases, jaw surgery can be needed to completely correct an open bite.

Can an open bite get worse?

Once the bite opens, the tongue now enters the picture in order to complete the swallow. The open bite immediately worsens. The open bite thus created may require several months to correct.

What causes an open bite?

Open bite is primarily caused by four factors: Thumb or pacifier sucking. When someone sucks on their thumb or a pacifier (or another foreign object like a pencil), they strain the alignment of their teeth. This can cause an open bite.