How To Fix Porous Hair?

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How do you get rid of porous hair?

Moisturize your porous hair using a keratin-rich conditioner. Massage a quarter-sized amount of conditioner into your hair, comb it through to the ends using a wide-toothed comb and leave it on for three to five minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Why is my hair so porous?

Porosity is how easily hair (like a sponge) can absorb moisture and chemicals, and damaged hair is more porous than healthy hair. Chemical treatments like coloring, chemical straighteners, and heat applications can cause hair to become overly porous. Then, seal with an oil to help retain as much moisture as possible.22 Oct 2015

Is high porosity hair damaged?

High porosity can be either inherent or from damage as the strands with this type of hair have gaps and holes in the hair’s cuticle. The problem is not getting moisture in but keeping it in as the raised cuticle can receive as much as it can loose.16 Dec 2016

How do you know if your hair is porous?

Determining Hair Porosity

The Float Test: Take a couple of strands of hair from your comb or brush and drop them into a bowl of water. Let them sit for 2-4 minutes. If your hair floats, you have low porosity. If it sinks, you have high porosity.