How To Fix Turtle Beach Headset?

Does Turtle Beach replace broken headsets?

All available replacement parts for all of our products are listed on our online store at

Cables that are permanently connected to a headset are not replaceable.

The RMA repair/replacement process will be completed within 10-14 business days from the day we receive the defective item at our facility.

How do you fix a Turtle Beach headset without sound?

DP11 – No Sound in One or Both Speakers

  • Connect the headset’s green 3.5mm plug into your music player’s headphones jack.
  • Connect the headset’s USB plug to a USB port on your game console or computer, or a USB wall adapter.
  • Start playing a track on your music player.
  • Adjust the Game volume control on the headset to about halfway up.

Why does my Turtle Beach headset cut in and out?

To determine if this is the problem, please do the following: Unplug the PS4 Chat/Talkback Cable from the PS4 Controller and Headset. b) If you hear game audio clearly when the PS4 Chat/Talkback Cable is unplugged, then the Output to Headphones setting might be set to ‘All’.

Do Turtle Beach headphones have a warranty?

All Turtle Beach products are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty for one year from the date of purchase by the original purchaser (the “warranty period”). The warranty offers repair/replacement of any defective components of the product during the warranty period and not a refund, exchange, or upgrade.

How long do Turtle Beach headsets last?

The headset will charge to full within a few hours. Once charged, the headset will have a battery life of up to 12 hours. Be sure to charge the headset regularly.

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Why does my Turtle Beach headset not work?

1. The Mic Boom Isn’t Loose in the Mic Boom Jack. First, unplug the headset from the Xbox One Controller. Then, disconnect the mic boom by pulling it straight out of the headset and plug the mic boom back in, making sure you hear a ‘click’ indicating that the mic boom is connected securely.

Why can’t my Turtle Beach headset hear?

If you’re able to hear the song/video through the headset clearly, then the headset is working properly and the issue may be with the Xbox One controller. If you’re unable to hear sound through the headset clearly when it’s connected to a mobile device, then there may be an issue with the headset itself.

How do Turtle Beach headsets work?

Those turtle beach headphones only work with component. I don’t know of any headphones that work with HDMI, but there are probably some that do. Those turtle beach headphones only work with component. They work with HDMI, you plug in the component AND the hdmi and allow multiple audio outputs.