How To Repair Pressure Washer Pump?

Why do pressure washer pumps fail?

The two most important issues concerning breakdowns of pressure washer pump are cavitation and overheating due to excessive time in by-pass.

Cavitation is caused when there is not enough water supplied to the pump.

It is easy for the person a pressure washer to be distracted by something.

How do you troubleshoot a pressure washer?

Your Engine Won’t Start or is Lacking Power

  • Run water through pressure washer until all air is removed from the hose.
  • Check your air filter. Clean if dirty and replace if damaged.
  • Check oil level. Change if needed.
  • Top off fuel in tank.
  • Make sure your spark plug is connected to the wire.
  • If your engine was smoking:

How do I know if my pressure washer pump is bad?



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How does a pressure washer pump work?

A typical pressure washer has either a gas-fueled engine or electrical powered motor that powers a water pump. The pump accelerates the water, supplied from a garden hose, to produce high pressure. When the trigger is pulled, the water mixes with the air and comes out of the nozzle.