How To Wire A Light Switch?

Does it matter which wire goes where on a light switch?

If your switch has a “LINE” marking, the always hot wire goes to this.

The other connection will be “LOAD” where the load (ie light fixture) is wired.

The load wire may have red electrical tape on it to differentiate.

How do I wire a light switch?

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Single Pole Switch Lighting Circuits – How to wire a light switch


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How do you wire a single pole switch?



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How to wire a single pole switch system – YouTube


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Does the hot wire go on the top or bottom of a switch?

The black (hot) wire goes to the brass screw or into the hole in the back of the device on the same side as the brass screw. This wire is sometimes red. The green or bare copper (ground) wire, if the device has one, attaches to the green screw terminal on the switch or to the electrical box.

Can you wire a light switch wrong?

If either wire at the light fixture is still hot then the switch is wired incorrectly. If one of the wires is still hot at the light fixture with the switch in the off position, then you most likely have the light switch on the neutral wire. Separate the bare ends of the wires so you can safely turn the power back on.

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What happens when hot and neutral wires are switched?

This happens when the hot and neutral wires get flipped around at an outlet, or upstream from an outlet. Reversed polarity creates a potential shock hazard, but it’s usually an easy repair. This wire is commonly referred to as the neutral wire, and it should always be white.

Does the neutral wire carry current?

To sum up, a live wire carries the full load current, while a neutral wire carries some current, only when the loads are not balanced.

How do you know which wire is hot on a light switch?



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How to Identify a Neutral Wire – YouTube


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How do you wire a light switch from an outlet combo?

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Leviton Presents: How to Install a Combination Device with a Single


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Why does light switch have 2 black wires?

The bare or green-wrapped ground wires serve as a backup to divert the power safely away in case of an electrical fault. In most cases, two black wires will be attached to the switch’s two terminal screws.

How light switches are wired?

The switch simply opens (off) or closes (on) the connection between the two terminals on the switch. When the switch is on, current flows along the black wire through the switch to the light, and then returns to ground through the white wire to complete the circuit.

Does a single pole switch need a neutral?

To wire a single pole switch using a regular switch leg, you need power and a neutral at the switch box. You do not need regular power or neutral at the box of the device being switched.