How To Fix A Raised Tattoo?

Why would my tattoo be raised?

Most often light tattoos look raised or bumpy because of its extremely light nature. Most of the light tattoos tend to look like raised scar tissue. Normal tattoo bumpiness at times can hang around for a while before fully recovering.

How long will tattoo be raised?

If fluid or pus is still coming out from your tattoo after 2 or 3 days, it may be infected. See a doctor. Swollen, puffy skin. It’s normal for the tattoo to be raised for a few days, but the surrounding skin shouldn’t be puffy.

Why is my tattoo bumpy and raised after a year?

Allergic Reactions

If you are having an allergic reaction to your tattoo, you might get a rash that is usually red, bumpy, or itchy. These symptoms can crop up in the days after you first get your tattoo or can appear months or years later. You can most likely treat the area with a topical steroid ointment.

What happens if you put too much ointment on tattoo?

Too much ointment or lotion can suffocate the tattoo and liquefy any scabs that may have formed, causing the ink to fall out and look blotchy. There is no need to re-bandage the tattoo.