How To Fix Cauliflower Ear?

Does cauliflower ear go away?

Untreated, a cauliflower ear is usually harmless. Those who leave it untreated generally do not experience ill effects. When treated quickly, a cauliflower ear can be cured. This process often takes a couple of days.

How much does cauliflower ear surgery cost?

In 2015, the average cost of otoplasty in the United States was $2,965, depending on the provider. Insurance does not usually cover surgery for cosmetic purposes, but it may cover part or all of the costs if congenital or traumatic factors make the procedure necessary.

How does cauliflower ear start?

The most common cause of cauliflower ear is a hit to the ear — or repeated hits to the ear — that leads to hematomas, or small collections of blood that clot and block the flow of blood and nutrients. These can also occur when skin is pulled away from cartilage, the semi-rigid tissue that gives the ear its shape.

How do you compress cauliflower ear?



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