How To Fix A Tire?

How are flat tires fixed?

Tire Patch or Tire Plug: Fix Your Flat

  • Find the Leak. Jack the vehicle up using the jack points closest to the tire.
  • Plug the Hole. If the hole was caused by a nail or screw and is small, you can plug the tire, but larger holes will need to be patched.
  • Patch the Tire.
  • Driving on a Patch or Plug.

How long will a plug last in a tire?

7 to 10 years

How much is it to fix a flat tire?

Having a flat fixed by a tire or repair shop typically costs $5-$40 for a standard tire and $30-$60 to repair a run flat tire (designed to be safe to drive on even when it is flat).

How do you fix a flat tire without a spare?



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