How To Fix Cheesecake Mistakes?

What went wrong with my cheesecake?

If the cheesecake gets too warm, the butter melts and the crust will crumble. Baking a crust is not necessary but it does tend to hold the crust together. The sugar melts in baking and tends to hold things in place once it cools and sets. “I always seem to muck up my slices when I cut my cheesecake.

What happens if you over mix cheesecake?

When you overmix the batter, more air is incorporated into the cheesecake batter. This causes the cheesecake to rise and fall, leaving cracks on the surface of it. This can be prevented by having all your ingredients at room temperature so you can mix less to get the ingredients incorporated.

How do I fix my cheesecake?

How to Fix A Cracked Cheesecake

  • Chill your cheesecake. Fixing cracks works better when your cheesecake is cold.
  • Press the cracks closed as much as possible using clean fingers.
  • Dip an offset spatula in hot water so it gets nice and warm.
  • Repeat step 3, wiping the spatula between in time, until your crack is gone.

Why did my cheesecake curdle?

Thickening occurs when raw egg proteins unwind and link together, which is what happens when eggs cook. Also, emulsifiers in the egg yolk—lecithin and lipoproteins—help give the cheesecake a smooth texture. Like other custards without starch, cheesecakes need gentle heat to prevent curdling.