How To Fix Imessage On Iphone?

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How do you fix iMessage activation on iPhone?

iMessage Activation Error On iPhone? Here’s Why & The Fix!

  • Check Your Connection To Wi-Fi & Cellular Data. iMessage can only activate if your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data.
  • Set Your iPhone To The Correct Time Zone.
  • Turn iMessage Off And Back On.
  • Check For A Carrier Settings Update.
  • Sign Out Of Your Apple ID.
  • Contact Apple & Your Wireless Carrier.

Why is my iMessage stuck on waiting for activation?

If iMessage says “waiting for activation” after you’ve connected to data or Wi-Fi and chosen the correct time zone, try restarting your iPhone. It’s possible that iMessage isn’t activating because your iPhone is experiencing a software crash, which can usually be fixed by turning it off and back on.

Is there a problem with iMessage today?

Widespread iMessage Outage Is Currently Affecting iOS users. Because Apple’s iMessage service doesn’t use a carrier’s SMS protocols to communicate, iPhone users should still be able to send text messages, but it seems that users are having fewer problems when sending iMessages over WiFi rather than cellular data.