How To Fix Iphone Home Button?

Why is my home button not working?

iOS has a neat feature that helps when hardware buttons stop working.

To activate this, go to the Settings app, and select General, then Accessibility.

Scroll down to the Interaction section, and tap AssistiveTouch.

Now tap the button next to AssistiveTouch so that it turns green and slides to the on position.

How much does it cost to fix home button on iPhone?

If your phone is out of warranty, here are some of the average prices you can expect to pay to repair a Home button:

  • iPhone 8 Plus: $399.
  • iPhone 8: $349.
  • iPhone 7 Plus: $349.
  • iPhone 7: $319.
  • iPhone 6s Plus: $329.
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $329.
  • iPhone 6s: $299.
  • iPhone 6: $299.

How do I fix my iPhone 6 home button?



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iPhone 6 / 6s / Plus: Home Button Stuck, Sticky, Unresponsive, Wont


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What do I do if my home button is stuck?

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How to Troubleshoot Around a Stuck iPhone Home Button – YouTube


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How do you get to home screen without home button?

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How to Use Your iPhone With a Broken Home Button – YouTube


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How can I clean my iPhone home button?

In order to clean this out properly you want to use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and a cotton swab. Put a few droplets of alcohol directly on the Home button and push down on it using the cotton swab. Wait a few minutes and then check to see if that fixed the problem.

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Will Touch ID work after replacing home button?

Hi, a Touch ID sensor is unique to each phone. You cannot replace it even with original one. If it works, you just lucky because the phone has glitched and can pair to the new sensor. Apple fixes your home button by replacing the whole front screen and pairing it with the Horizon Machine.

How can I turn my iPhone on without the home button?

4 Answers

  1. Connect your iPhone, to a computer with iTunes installed.
  2. In iTunes, select your device.
  3. From the Summary pane, click Configure Accessibility in the Options section at the bottom.
  4. Select the Voice Over and click OK.
  5. Double tap on the Press home to open text.

How do I turn on assistive touch without the home button?

Deal with a Broken iPhone Home Button by Enabling Assistive Touch

  • Open “Settings” and go to “General”, then tap on “Accessibility”
  • Under “Physical & Motor” tap on “Assistive Touch” and then flip the switch to ON.
  • Look for the new assistive touch button to appear in the lower right corner, tap that to access the virtual home button.