How To Fix Raised Sidewalk?

How do you fix an uneven sidewalk?

Using the putty trowel, scoop concrete into each of the three sidewalk holes.

Fill the holes completely.

Pack in the concrete firmly.

Then, level off the tops of the holes so they are smooth and flush with the rest of the sidewalk slab top.

How do you fix raised concrete?

Repair Raised and Uneven Concrete Slabs

  • Determine that the repair area is within the manufacture’s spec for minimum and maximum repair depths.
  • For deep repairs, Top ‘N Bond can be used in multiple lifts of up to 1/2 inch at a time.
  • Using a garden hose, remove any dirt or debris from the crack.

How do you fix sidewalks lifted by tree roots?

Some effective methods are:

  1. Putting down a layer of pea gravel under the new concrete allowing the roots to expand.
  2. Reinforcing the concrete with rebar so the roots have to lift several slabs at once to cause damage.
  3. Creating a sidewalk that bends or slopes around the tree, giving the trunk and roots room to grow.

How much does it cost to fix a sidewalk?

It will typically cost between $663 and $2,055 with an average of $1,348 to repair a patio, residential walkway or sidewalk. Simple repairs can cost as little as $1 per square foot. Concrete will typically cost about $8.50 per square foot. Replacing brick runs about $10 per square foot.