How To Fix Sway Back?

What causes a sway back?

Muscle Group Imbalance

Tight upper abdominals, weak lower abdominals and weak mid-back muscles may also contribute to swayback.

A corrective exercise program, such as one you’d likely get by seeing a physical therapist for your swayback, may help address some or all of these underlying muscle imbalances.

How do you treat a sway back?

Treatments. Correcting back pains as a result of sway essentially requires us to treat and correct the four contributing factors. Strengthening the abdominal muscles to better support the spine. Release the the tight hamstrings and back muscles muscles either through deep tissue massage or myofascial release.

Can a chiropractor fix a sway back?

If swayback is present, a treatment plan consisting of conservative chiropractic manipulation and postural traction is recommended. These treatments help to lengthen tight, stiff muscles and correct your spinal curve. They are painless, and many patients report feeling great relief and much taller after each session.

What does sway back mean?

Definition of swayback. 1 : an abnormally hollow condition or sagging of the back found especially in horses also : a sagging back. 2 : abnormally exaggerated forward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine : lordosis sense 2 Rarely is swayback a sign of anything serious.